Shakked Dabran-Zivan

Shakked is a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Education in Science & Technology at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Shakked holds a BA in political science (2016, cum laude) and an MA in international relations (2018, Dean’s List) from the University of Haifa. She also holds an MBA (2021) from the Technion. Her multidisciplinary research background enables her to observe and examine phenomena from different angles, introducing a broad approach that results in unique insights.

In an age where misinformation and conspiracy theories are becoming increasingly common and accessible online, her Ph.D. research under Prof. Ayelet Baram-Tsabari, examines how science literacy is helping address false information. As part of her research, she explores the relationship between individual abilities, societal resources, and the future of artificial intelligence as a mediating force, and the possible implications for this relationship in a world characterized by post-truth phenomena.

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