Opening the Sealed Box: The Onerous Impacts of State Land Ownership Imposes on Israel's Moshavim (cooperative villages)

Inaugural meeting with members of Moshavim (Collective Villages): Sde Warburg and the Sharon region: Feb.5. 2024.

A new research project is launched at the Neaman Institute, led by Prof. (Emeritus) Rachelle Alterman. It examines the impacts of of national ownership of land and housing, and asks why this continues even today in all cooperative communities (kibbutzim/moshavim) . The inaugural meeting with members of moshavim will be held Monday, February 5, 2024 at Moshav Sde Warburg's People's House (also be broadcasted via Zoom). The meeting is organized in cooperation with the Agricultural Union. This meeting is the first in a series of community meetings to be held as part of the research project -

" The devastation of the cooperative villages during the Oct. 7 massacre as a call to for a reexamination of the archaic national land ownership regime over Israel’s cooperative communities"

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For further questions and inquiries, please contact Dr. Guy Kagan, mobile: 058-4662254; Or by email: 
The recording of the meeting:
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