Mapping Human Talent Requirements for Jerusalem's Advanced Industry

The Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research, together with The Jerusalem Development Authority, Jerusalem Municipality, The Social-Economic Forum and The Employers Administration initiated a project for encouraging discharged soldiers to study and work in Jerusalem.

The main aim of this project is to identify trends in human talent requirements within the Jerusalem labor market.

This information will assist in work placement for discharged soldiers (up to 5 years from military service termination) and improve matching with market needs.
The Jerusalem Municipality, through the Jerusalem Development Authority, invests greatly in advanced technologies such as the High-Tech and Biomedical industries, with the aim to turn the city into a leader in these fields.
Building the infrastructure for an optimal connection between discharged soldiers and the labor market requirements will significantly contribute to industry development and work productivity. Mapping present and future human talent needs is an important step towards reaching this goal.

This project began in early 2021 and is also supported by the Estates Committee in the Israeli Ministry of Justice.

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