The Israeli Innovation System: An Overview Of National Policy And Cultural Aspects

The Israeli Innovation System Project: National Policy and Cultural Aspects is part of an international project dealing with innovation policy within the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Dr. Daphne Getz of the S. Neaman Institute was nominated to represent Israel in the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies (TOS-ICP).


The key objective of the Team of Specialists for 2007 was to identify good practices and policy options in innovation and competitiveness policies and to support their broad dissemination in UNECE member countries, including capacity-building in requesting countries. Materials were collected for this purpose from the associated countries (about 30 countries) and from specialists from universities and other institutions, and then assembled in a final report.


The goal of the current overview, which was prepared by the S. Neaman Institute, is to review the national policies and cultural aspects that support and lead Israeli innovation.


The materials for this document were gathered from various reports, documents and articles written on the subject, so as to present a comprehensive and general picture of the Israeli innovation system.


The first part of the document includes an overview of Israeli innovation policy and covers topics such as the setting of objectives in innovation, policy instruments targeting innovation-based competitiveness and policy implementation and evaluation. Large sections of this document were integrated in a document that was published by TOS-ICP: "Creating a conducive environment for higher competitiveness and effective national innovation systems. Lessons learned from the experiences of UNECE countries".


The second part addresses several of Israel's cultural aspects that encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship. Emphasis has been placed on several components that are unique to Israel: the population's cultural fabric, military service in a technological and progressive army, immigration to Israel and the availability of resources/funding for innovation purposes.

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