Grand Strategy For Israel

Research team: Prof. Uzi Arad, Adv. Dror Strum, Prof. Avi Ben-Basat, Prof. Aviad Kleinberg, Prof. Shlomo Ben-Ami, Mr. Efraim Halevi, Gen. (Res.) David Ivry, Prof. Itzhak Ben Israel, Prof. Zehev Tadmor, Prof. Yadin Dudai, Prof. Dov Schwartz

The Overarching Strategy Forum was established at the initiative of the former national security adviser to the Prime Minister and the head of the National Security Council, Prof. Uzi Arad.

Israel is a small and vibrant democracy, facing powerful enemies in a turbulent region and at a time of unprecedented global upheaval. In light of the challenges it faces and the tiny margin for making a mistake, Israel must have a sophisticated national strategy, defining its major goals and aspirations for the medium and long term, and connecting them to means and methods. Such an overarching strategy will harness the various elements of national power, set political objectives, and ensure that Israel  will enjoy a competitive and sustainable advantage over its rivals, both nationally and internationally, starting from dealing with the Iranian threat, loosening the ties with the United States, dealing with the threats of missile attacks, cyber warfare, and biological weapons and continuing to the deterioration of government, significant demographic changes, socioeconomic rifts, and weaknesses in the education system that erode Israel's qualitative edge in science and technology.

It is important to note that Israel has not updated its official national security strategy since its first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, set it in the early 50s. In the absence of an intellectual framework for policy, decisions of supreme national importance are made based on short-term considerations, irrespective of the big picture in all its complexity at the meeting points between different subjects, or a general sense of direction and a national goal. The prolonged continuation of this situation endangers the national security and the continued prosperity of Israel.

In response to these challenges, this project was launched by SNI. Its interdisciplinary team consists of elite personnel, including people who have a deep understanding of the many and various challenges facing Israel, the greatest ability to deal with them, and the greatest influence on the state's response. The team includes leading figures from the fields of law, economics, science, business, military, history, political science, and diplomacy.

The project is divided into three main clusters: geo-politics and defense, science and technology, and social and economic issues. In each cluster, the topics addressed represent the most significant challenges to Israel. It is expected that the project will be completed by mid-2015.

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