Estimation of “Intel Israel” contribution to the National Economy

Dr. Gilead Fortuna, Yuval Neev, Dr. Daniel Friman, Dr. Avigdor Zonnenshain, Dr. Michael Werner, Rafi Nave, Tamar Dayan
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Fortuna Gilead, Neev Yuval, Friman Daniel, Zonnenshain Avigdor, Werner Michael, Nave Rafi, Dayan Tamar. Estimation of “Intel Israel” contribution to the National Economy Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2018.

This research is part of our attempt to examine the issue of large companies’ contribution to Israel national economy.

The contribution of “Intel Israel” to the economy was examined in three "contribution planes":

the direct contribution, the aggregate contribution and the soft contribution.

The soft contribution was partially quantified to monetary values. According to the findings, it is possible to determine that Intel Israel is a cornerstone of Israel's "hi tech industry."

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