Energy Forum 50: Agricultural land dual-use for photovoltaic electricity generation

Energy Forum Program

13:00  Opening – Prof. Gershon Grossman, Head of Samuel Neaman Institute Energy Forum

13:10  Bar Weiss, Shikun & Binui – Agrivoltaic Science and its Application

13:20  Ran Dressler, Consultant for the Planning Administration – Planning procedures for agrophotovoltaic facilities

13:30  Orly Aharoni, Sustainability and Regulation Consultant – Agrivoltaic Roadmap for Regulation

13:40  Yael Lavee Ephrath, Helianthus - sun farming – Agricultural and ecological opportunities for integrating agrivoltaic systems

13:50  Dr. Yael Harman, Head of Technology and Renewable Energy, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Energy –
           Review of global agrophotovoltaic installation, and  the Ministry of Energy  principles for quotas

14:30  Open discussion, focusing on:

  • Main considerations regarding land availability and utilization
  • Scenic aspects of dual-use
  • Lesson learned from dual-use in the world

The 50th Energy Forum report summarizes the discussion. Below are the participants' presentations.

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