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Studies: Sustainable Development

Studies: Sustainable Development

Samuel Neaman Institute's publications in the field discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from a situation of lack of resources – land, energy, water, food and raw materials in industry. The studies present analyses of the existing situation, along with the potential for efficiency improvements and innovation and the leverage of Israeli Environmental R&D, agriculture and industry.
Studies: Agriculture

Studies: Agriculture

Samuel Neaman Institute's publications examine various aspects of the field of agriculture in Israel, including the social contributions of agriculture; the possibilities for developing sustainable agriculture in conditions of scarcity; sustainable aquaculture; development and adoption of innovation and information technology in agriculture; issues in the management interface between agriculture and water, and more.
Studies: Water, Rivers and Sea

Studies: Water, Rivers and Sea

Samuel Neaman Institute's studies examine various aspects of the field of water in Israel, including the implications of the transition of the Israeli water sector from natural sources to reclaimed and desalinated water, water and agriculture, river restoration and the relationship between water, the public and the nature.

Israel's SETI system - a series of studied by UNESCO on science, engineering, technology and innovation policy

The study was commissioned by the Israel Academy of Sciences and will be published in UNESCO's series of studies on Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI) policies during 2015.
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