Energy Forum 19: Energy Efficiency in lighting systems

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Grossman Gershon, Goldrath Tal, Nachmany Michal. Energy Forum 19: Energy Efficiency in lighting systems Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2010.

lighting systems are a substantial electricity consumer in the Israeli energy market, as far as 10% of total electricity consumption can be related to lighting. For some consumers such as office buildings, lighting load can reach 40%, taking into account the effect on air conditioning load, as well.

The forum participants agree that there is still a great potential for efficiency in lighting systems, with the use of simple and straight forward measures. Lack of basic control such as automatic turn-off can cause energy waste. Although great technological progress was achieved in the last years, there is still a substantial use of traditional appliances such as incandescent light bulbs or magnetic chalks. Some evaluate the financial saving potential of Israel resulting from a proper lighting regulation to be as high as 1 billion NIS over the next decade.

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