R&D Outputs in Israel – A Comparative Analysis of PCT Applications and Distinct Israeli Inventions

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Getz Daphne, Leck Eran, Hefetz Amir. R&D Outputs in Israel – A Comparative Analysis of PCT Applications and Distinct Israeli Inventions Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013. https://neaman.org.il/EN/Comparative-Analysis-PCT-App-Distinct-Inventions
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The research is a joint project of SNI and the National Council for Research and Development (NCRD), operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology. This work, which is the second publication in a series of researches, uses PCT application and patent family data in order to describe, analyze and compare the dynamics of Israeli innovation. The novelty in this particular research is the use of the "distinct invention" indicator. This indicator, based on the EPO's (European Patent Office) DODDB patent family, is aimed at neutralizing double counting of identical patent applications (inventions), as a result of their filing in numerous patent offices around the world.


In the past two years, SNI has acquired and developed new databases in the field of patent statistics. The most important among these databases, is EPO's PATSTAT which constitutes the "backbone" of the research data. It includes data on patent applications and granted patents for more than 100 patent offices. SNI uses five supplementary datasets which are linked to PATSTAT and supply additional information (assignee name harmonization, sector allocation, regionalization, triadic patents, and characteristics of foreign R&D Centers) on the patent's applicants and inventors. These additional information layers vastly improve data retrieval, data segmentation and data analysis capabilities. PATSTAT and its supplementary databases enable SNI researchers to conduct in-depth analyses, such as investigating shifts in patenting activity by technological fields on a comparative basis (Israel and OECD countries), describing the patenting activity and scope of the foreign R&D centers in Israel and identifying the new markets (e.g. BRIC countries) which are becoming increasingly important to Israeli firms.


The outputs of the research include: A. An analysis of Israeli patenting activity in an international perspective (OECD countries) using PCT applications.  B. An analysis of distinct Israeli inventions (applicant and inventor counts by year, sectoral distribution of distinct Israeli inventions, distribution by patent classification, class and ISIC industrial classification). C. Globalization aspects of Israeli distinct inventions and the characteristics of the foreign R&D centers in Israel. D. investigation of Israeli patenting activity in BRIC countries. E. An exploration of the nexus between patenting activity and economic output in national and international perspectives, using econometric models and numeric simulation methods.  

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