Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Smart Robotics

The Israeli government acknowledges the potential of the Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Smart Robotics domains in fostering the Israeli economy, its security and societal welfare. The government is interested in promoting and augmenting the development of these fields, by supporting private and public investments.

The Samuel Neaman Institute was commissioned to perform a comprehensive mapping of activities in the Israeli academy, industry and government sectors, and to explore the possibilities for promoting and developing these fields in Israel.

The research goals are as follows:

  • To map the activities in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Smart Robotics in the academia and in the industry in Israel; To review selected activities in the defense and the government sectors;
  • To examine Israel's strengths and weaknesses and to identify opportunities and threats in these fields;
  • To review strategic plans in leading countries in these fields;
  • To Present findings that can assist in strategy-making processes
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