Adaptation to climate change in the local authorities

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Ayalon Ofira, Kutiel Haim, Kliot Nurit, Green Manfred, Sterenberg Marcelo, Trop Tammy, Eshet Tzipi, Liebes Idan. Adaptation to climate change in the local authorities Haifa Israel: Samuel Neaman Institute, 2013.
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ICCIC team prepared a report on adaptation policy recommendations for local authorities in Israel. Climate change is expected to affect the water sector in the State of Israel, the health of residents, the existence of biodiversity and ecosystems supplying ecological services, urban climate and our energy consumption in homes and the communities where we live. Due to climate change we are already forced to deal with these changes, though still relatively at modest scale: changes in rainfall performance, increase of heat load, diseases transmitted by vectors, and more. High population densities in urban centers require local authorities to adapt quickly to these changes and to plan and manage resources and infrastructure in light of climate change. So far , most of climate change preparedness plans were made at the national level and emphasized the need for preparedness plans at the municipal level. Local communities are at the forefront of dealing with the effects of climate. The report submitted here analyses the threats and the actions the local government in Israel is required for, in order to minimize the effects of climate change.

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