Yusof Jabareen

Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities Among Arabs in Israel

Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities Among Arabs in Israel

This study identifies the main problems that are related to the development and employment of Arab society in Israel. Accordingly, the study proposes economic and spatial policies for development in Arab society.
Strategic Policies for Increasing Arab Women

Strategic Policies for Increasing Arab Women's Participation in the Labor Market

A significant problem facing the social and economic development of Arab society today is the low rate of Arab women's participation in the labor force. Only one fifth of Arab women participate in the labor force, compared to 60% among Jewish women in Israel. This low employment rate is reflected in the high poverty levels in Arab society where more than 50% of the Arab households live under the poverty line according to the 2008 statistics.
The Acceleration of Arab Society

The Acceleration of Arab Society's Involvement in the Israeli Economy and Business Sector

The national importance and the urgency of accelerating the Arab citizens' integration into Israel's economy is increasing in Israel. A variety of state, business and voluntary organizations are dealing with this subject. For this purpose, we intend to hold a series of discussions with the major organizations dealing with the economic/business aspect of the subject
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