Ofer Dressler

Ofer Dressler
Senior Research Fellow

Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, technion

Master’s degree in operation research, technion

Ph.d in chemical engineering, city university of new York.

Working on environmental issues in Israel and around the world such as establishment of plants to produce energy from waste and establishment of recycling plants.
As CEO of the association of cities for environmental protection, haifa bay,in the past ten years ofer has engaged in the construction and operation of an areal air monitoring system for high- end factories and supervision of substance with potential risk for the local population.

Ofer was also in charge for the establishment of several projects to reduce air pollution from transportation that included electrical car sharing project for the city of Haifa,introducing 25 electrical buses and converting 22 municipal trucks to natural gas.after completing these projects we have established in the area of the city of Haifa a law emission zon (LEZ) together with the Israeli ministry of environment

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