Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar

Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar
Senior Research Fellow

Professor at the Technion.

Specialization: Mathematics Education.

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Non-Stop Mathematics

Non-Stop Mathematics

Mathematics curricula in most countries, including Israel, do not reflect the ongoing work and the new results being accumulated in mathematics. Many graduates of the education system develop a misconception that mathematics is a closed and stagnant area, where all the answers are known and very little, if anything, is left to stimulate their curiosity and desire to invest in creating new results. In an attempt to deal with the problem, the project team developed a set of Mathematics News Snapshots (abb. MNSs) in the format of short PowerPoint presentations each focusing on a single breakthrough in the field of mathematics, taking into account the limited background of high school level students.
רמזור לצפון

A traffic light for a math teacher

Collaborative development of mathematics teaching plans for the highest level (5 units) as a means for nurturing mathematics teachers' community of practice in the northern region in Israel
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