Iris Arbel

Director of the Knowledge Center for Innovation at the Technion, has a PhD from the Technion; in her doctorate she developed and implemented a group intervention for increasing innovation in teams. Iris has expertise and extensive experience in building teams and developing inter-personal skills at variety of organizations. She teaches courses on innovation at the Technion and other places. 

שדרוג המערכת הכלכלית בצפון

Upgrading the Economic System of the North

In mid-2014, SNI joined a venture with the Ministry of Economic and Industrie, aimed at drafting a plan for substantial improvement of the economic status of the North. During 2015, the project was completed and a summary report, which includes an analysis of the socioeconomic situation in the north, and recommendations to realize change-generating infrastructure anchors and non-linear growth generators, was submitted to the Government.
Innovativeness in the Traditional Industry

Innovativeness in the Traditional Industry

A joint venture of the Center for Innovation and Knowledge, Faculty of Industrial and Management, Technion and the Samuel Neaman Institute.
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