Eran Friedler

Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Water Forum Project

Research Interests  

Development of alternative water sources as part of sustainable management of water in the urban sector.

Extensive wastewater treatment systems.

Processes occurring in sewer systems.

Processes affecting water quality in catchment basins.


Academic Degrees


DSc in Environmental Engineering. Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technion. (Direct Doctorate Studies Course)


BSc in Agricultural Sciences. Specialised in Soil and Water studies. Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University. CUM LAUDE.


Academic Appointments


Associate Professor, Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Technion.


Senior lecturer, Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Technion.


Adjunct lecturer, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technion.


Adjunct lecturer, Dept. of Natural Resources & Env. Manag., Faculty of Social Sciences & Mathematics, Haifa University.


Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, Technion.


Postdoctoral fellow - Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London, UK.


Teaching assistant, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technion.


Professional Experience


Co-director, Juanico & Friedler - Mediterranean LTD.


Technion Activities


Academic Coordinator - Environmental Engineering course of studies (undergraduate)


Head - Departmental teaching committee (undergraduate), Dept. of Env., Wat. & Agr. Eng.

The Water Forum

The Water Forum

The "Water Forum", established in 2009 by the Samuel Neaman Institute in cooperation with Israel Water Authority and the Grand Water Research Institute at the Technion, serves as a platform for discussing and analyzing key issues in order to contribute to the formulation of white papers on a variety of topics in the field of water related strategy and policy.
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